VeriDoc Global Launches Correct Will, the World’s First Blockchain-Secured Will Document Management System for Lawyers

28 Aug 2023

VeriDoc Global

VeriDoc Global is proud to announce the launch of Correct Will, the world’s first blockchain-based Will document management system tailored for legal professionals. This groundbreaking innovation reshapes the landscape of Will management, instilling lawyers and their clients with unparalleled assurance.

Through Correct Will, legal practitioners can now ensure the utmost security and fidelity of their clients’ Will documents. This platform encompasses advanced features such as version control and authentication, safeguarding Wills against tampering and ensuring precise representation of clients’ intentions.

Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Correct Will’s system surpasses established Best Practice Guidelines, heralding a new era in Will management. Lawyers find ease in tracking and overseeing multiple versions of Will documents, effectively mitigating the risk of confusion or errors. Simultaneously, clients are endowed with unwavering confidence that their Wills remain secure and shall be executed in strict adherence to their wishes.

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