VeriDoc Global Partners with India Blockchain Alliance

21 Jul 2023

VeriDoc Global

The India Blockchain Alliance (IBA) and VeriDoc Global have forged an exciting new partnership, poised to bolster the thriving blockchain ecosystem across Asia. This collaboration will spearhead a range of strategic initiatives, driving blockchain adoption and cultivating a robust foundation of blockchain expertise in the region.

The partnership between IBA and VeriDoc Global sets the stage for a concerted effort to advocate blockchain technology and showcase its remarkable use cases to government agencies and the public sector. Collaboratively, they will construct compelling proofs-of-concept, to demonstrate the potential of blockchain across diverse industries. Furthermore, their joint commitment extends to empowering students and developers with essential blockchain skills through comprehensive education on VeriDoc Global’s API and cutting-edge tools.

IBA and VeriDoc Global will join forces to organize and champion niche blockchain events, including VeriHack, a global blockchain hackathon. By uniting the brightest minds within the blockchain community, this dynamic partnership aims to ignite innovation, spotlight transformative solutions, and propel the adoption of blockchain technology across Asia, forging a vibrant and thriving ecosystem.

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