VeriDoc Global Partners with VeriTX

09 Aug 2023

VeriDoc Global

VeriDoc Global is pleased to announce a technology partnership with VeriTX.

Through the strategic utilization of FORTIS, VeriTX’s cutting-edge data assurance technology, VeriDoc Global is poised to introduce the epitome of document verification with the most secure data rail available.

With VeriDoc Global’s unswerving commitment to document verification and FORTIS’s advanced data assurance prowess, the partnership furnishes an instantaneous, real-time mechanism for alerting any alterations undertaken on the original files that traverse their platforms. This capability ensures that the sanctity of each document remains intact and tamper-proof, effectively neutralizing any potential threats to data integrity.

In addition, VeriDoc Global is actively exploring the augmentation of its capabilities to trace the origin and lineage of files submitted for eSignature through VeriDoc Sign. This strategic direction solidifies their dedication to comprehensive document management and blockchain-backed security, promising a future where document verification and data assurance stand unassailable.

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